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Délégué Commercial


Afrikimpact is a dynamic institutional platform for the promotion of commercial, economical and educational exchange between Africa and rest of world. The main objective is to provide the accurate information to different stakeholders for their better collaboration with Africa.

THE CONCEPT OF AFRIKIMPACT, as the name indicates, aims to have an impact on Africa. In this perspective, Afrikimpact focuses on:
• To expose the business abilities and opportunities both in Africa and in the rest of the world.
• To promote frank South - South collaboration taking into account the existing realities.
• To ensure the popularization of competences transfer.
• To incite and encourage the conclusion and signing of partnership agreements.
• To demystify language barriers which would constitute an obstacle to the cooperation of various partners.

This platform with various designed menus is focusing on 3 differents stakeholders such as Companies, NGO and students.


- Gérer les pages de réseaux sociaux de la société,
- Rédiger des newletters
- Organiser les conférences de presse


Etudiant en Communication ou journalisme

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- Le logement
- La nourriture
- Le déplacement du boulot à la maison et vice versa

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