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Dev for Hosting custom maps layers


TenForce is a knowledge-oriented company based in Leuven. We're a dynamic, fast-growing team of about 80 people spanning dozens of nationalities. Our people have widely varying skill-sets and work in an extremely open atmosphere. The company grows with its people, and this year alone, we've grown over 20%. TenForce has offices in Leuven, Brussels, Italy and Germany. These internships all take place at our Leuven headquarters (almost inside the Stella Brewery, a ten minute walk from the train station).

TenForce delivers its added value on the edge between research and implementation. Where researchers stop, our work starts. We provide semantic technology services to governmental organizations, like the European Commission, but also to large corporations. Next to this work with semantic technologies, we reduce paperwork in companies by automating their business workflows.

Join this multicultural bag of knowledge for your student internship! Some of the internships may even have a possible extension through a summer job.


For some of the products TenForce develops, we would love extensive maps support. Sure, anyone can render a map. But can you make it crazy-interactive? We're looking to host custom maps layers, like the piping of one of the chemical production plants. How far can we go with custom layers and how should we implement them? Will you help us figure it out?

In this internship, you will get to know leaflet.js, a super flexible way of displaying maps. You will set up your own tile serving infrastructure and use it to create your own renderings of maps. Once you have that figured out, you can spend your extra time to go crazy with interactive layers (we'll offer Ember.js support if you can use it).


A mildly crazy software developer with interest in Javascript, Leaflet.js, Openstreetmaps*, Ember.js*

Learn more about it at: http://education.tenforce.com/stories/maps

Contact: Aad Versteden (aad.versteden@tenforce.com), SemTech developer

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Learn all about it at: http://education.tenforce.com/stories/maps

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