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Dev for Knowledge Detective


TenForce is a knowledge-oriented company based in Leuven. We're a dynamic, fast-growing team of about 80 people spanning dozens of nationalities. Our people have widely varying skill-sets and work in an extremely open atmosphere. The company grows with its people, and this year alone, we've grown over 20%. TenForce has offices in Leuven, Brussels, Italy and Germany. These internships all take place at our Leuven headquarters (almost inside the Stella Brewery, a ten minute walk from the train station).

TenForce delivers its added value on the edge between research and implementation. Where researchers stop, our work starts. We provide semantic technology services to governmental organizations, like the European Commission, but also to large corporations. Next to this work with semantic technologies, we reduce paperwork in companies by automating their business workflows.

Join this multicultural bag of knowledge for your student internship! Some of the internships may even have a possible extension through a summer job.


At TenForce, we recently established a knowledge engineering team called The Content Factory. Here we build the content for large semantic projects we undertake. To ensure the quality of this content, our knowledge engineers consult many different sources, analyze the contents and build the best descriptions. Simply keeping track of all these sources is a challenge, a challenge you can help us face!

In this internship, you will build a browser extension that allows our knowledge engineers to use any web page as a source. Your extension will empower our editors to see the concept's current information and to immediately modify it, all without ever leaving the web page. You will then store the source automatically in an RDF format. Your extension will integrate with our content creation tool directly through a simple REST interface. You might even use it for your thesis!


A mildly crazy software developer with interest in Java, RDF, SPARQL, JavaScript, Chrome.

Learn more about it at: http://education.tenforce.com/stories/detective

Contact: Aad Versteden (aad.versteden@tenforce.com), SemTech developer

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Learn all about it at: http://education.tenforce.com/stories/detective

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