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DevOps internship


Skryv is a young and growing software company that focuses on smart technology and government. We are based in the centre of Brussels and our team is 15 people strong. We digitise and simplify government services with our software for online citizens' portals, case handling and automation. We have a modern technology stack with Java, React, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Git, Jenkins, ...


Below you find examples of assignments for each topic. You can choose a topic you like, or we’ll mix and match different topics. For each internship, a dedicated coach is available. Who is responsible for following up on your work and providing guidance where needed.

  • Improve our Continuous Delivery Chain​, so we can speed up our build and release pipeline. Tech: Jenkins, AWS, Docker, Sonar Code Quality.
  • Make it possible for our clients to ​self-register on our platform. Tech: automatic provisioning on AWS, cloud formation scripts for automatic client set-ups, ...
  • Add ​auto-scaling​ on A​WS​ (Amazon Web Services) so we can keep up with the growth of our clients.


Sounds appealing?​ In the past years, students from HoGent, Odisee, Erasmus Brussels, VUB,.. enforced our team. On our blog, you can read more about the experiences of A​rno and Mustafa​.

We bieden aan

What else will you learn?​ You will learn to work in a development team, translate the customer’s (changing) insights into a working solution and take your code’s quality to the next level. Together with your internship coach you will run through the entire development cycle and will receive active and constructive feedback.

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