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Digital Communication Technician


ClearSource is a recruitment company that doesn’t settle for status quo. We question, create buzz, do things differently. And most importantly, we see employees as energy the company needs rather than resources. What counts at ClearSource are results, not the hours you slave away at your desk. And it must be working for us, since we're booming—we've doubled in office space, hired 10 new people and made €9M only in the past year!


What makes great business communication? In the era of internet media, can we still nurture customer relationships on a personal level? How can technology help reach the right people at the right moment, and nobody else? If you ask yourself these questions, then you might just be the person we need.

We are looking for a Digital Communication Technician to help us with: 

  • Inbound marketing: Create French-language content such as blog articles, videos, and slide decks for our inbound content machine, to nurture candidates and help them through the recruitment funnel 
  • Advertising campaigns: Use social media and e-marketing software to create, test, and distribute mailshots and advertisements, monitor their performance
  • Custom website audiences: Work with Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Insight etc. to set up conversion tracking per campaign and create retargetting audiences 
  • Analytics platforms: Finetune and troubleshoot web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar, analyse results and turn them into actionable items
  • Anything else that you are good at and that serves the purpose of this internship!



  •  A fluent French speaker, proficient in English 
  •  Technically minded, with great problem-solving skills
  •  Interested in digital marketing and analytics tools
  •  A student of Communication, Multimedia Technology, or Journalism

We bieden aan

  •  Work experience with genuine responsibility
  •  During a min. 3 month-long internship
  •  Working on a game-changing project
  •  In a young team of super friendly people!

Sound interesting? Send us your CV, we can’t wait to welcome you to our team!

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