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Lasagna Tiramisu (LT)

Digital Marketing


Few things well done.
All home made.

Lasagna Tiramisu (LT) stems from this very simple idea, a new restaurant chain which aims to create a new concept: a fast slow-food restaurant.

Our name says it all: we have more than 100 varieties of each, but only make 4 to 6 everyday, and everything is home made (form the pasta to the sauces) from fresh, seasonal and, when possible, organic ingredients with the maximum respect fot the environment and attention to the well-being of our customers, that can be served in a matter of minutes, if they are on a hurry

LT, Layers of pleasure,


We need someone with a good understanding of digital marketing and social networks to work under the supervision of the owner (who happens to be former international marketing director) to activate the brand on the internet. If the candidate proves to be competent and a good fit for the company the position will develop into Customer Engagement manager.


Responsibilities and tasks

- Contribute to the development and implementation of the restaurant chain web marketing strategy

- Monitor LT presence and reputation on the web

- Launch web marketing initiatives

- Manage FB, Twitter and all social networks accounts

- Engage web users in meaningful discussions

- Coordinate on-line and off-line initiatives




Competences and skills

- Good knowledge of web marketing technical aspects (SEO....)

- Authentically interested in people

- Food lover

- Speaking French, English and ideally Flemish

We bieden aan

a honest monthly forfait

opportunity to learn/improve top level marketing competences

flexible hours and working form home

great working environment






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