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Document generation & Python 3 (JH)


Septentrio designs, manufactures and sells highly accurate GPS/GNSS receivers, for demanding applications requiring accuracies in the decimeter or centimeter range, even under difficult conditions. Whether it’s on the high sea, in scintillation prone areas or at high latitudes, our customers know that Septentrio receivers deliver fast, accurate and reliable positions. In urban canyons, under canopies or even under circumstances where there is deliberate interference, our receivers make our customers excel.


• Several documents (manuals, release information, test results, …) and reports are created and maintained in the R&D environment. This internship involves the improvement of the generation of these documents and the development of new automation of documentation generation.
• This comprises the code translation of internal scripts from Python 2 to Python 3. The converted scripts must also be tested and deployed.


  • Computer Science Master student or equivalent; A Bachelor degree is required.
  • Experience with Linux, LaTeX, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, XML/JSON Advanced experience with Python

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3 months internship within an innovative company in Leuven

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