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Urban Harvest

Driven marketeer with a passion for sustainability - Startup


Urban Harvest wants to become a global player in the production and distribution of the healthiest and most cost efficient leafy crops whenever and wherever our customers want, by reducing waste in every step of the process and aiming towards a circular operation.

Urban Harvest’s (UH) success will be linked to the use of vertical farming techniques and hydroponics. Vertical farming increases the growing surface per m2 by stacking multiple layers on top of each other. Hydroponics is a method to grow plants without soil, using nutrient enriched water. The combination of these techniques allows us to grow crops in the most controlled way possible today, without using any type of pesticides or herbicides, while drastically reducing water consumption.

We will set up a network of decentralised production facilities near or in urban areas to bring the food as close as possible to the consumers. This approach will eliminate many links in the current food supply chain, from which both retailers and consumers will benefit.


We are looking for someone who can support us in one (or all ;) ) of the following points:

  • Logo
  • Branding (colors, document layout, catchphrases/slogan, ...)
  • Styling of our prototype installation (industrial design)
  • Styling of our social media channels
  • Website
  • ....


Anyone with some prior experience, personal or professional (school projects are also good!). Having a portfolio or demonstrations of what you have done in the past would be greatly appreciated.

We bieden aan

  • A small and driven team that is willing to change the agricultural industry.
  • Lots of freedom! You can start from a white paper and do your thing!
  • Lots of visibility for the work you have done!
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