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Service Volontaire International

EVS opportunity for two creative and active volunteers.


Le SVI participe activement aux échanges internationaux tant dans les pays du Nord que du Sud. Sa mission principale consiste en la préparation, l’envoi et l’accueil de jeunes volontaires dans le cadre de chantiers internationaux mis en place par des associations locales et non-lucratives.

Le SVI permet à des jeunes francophones de s’impliquer dans quelque 2000 projets associatifs et citoyens de toutes sortes, dans plus de 70 pays à travers le monde. Environ 500 volontaires préalablement préparés partent ainsi chaque année dans le monde entier en tant que bénévoles, au sein d’associations locales non-lucratives.


Volunteers will be able to organize events and workshops for local youth groups, help us to organize bigger events, organize language studies, work and help in music studio, participate in photo and video workshops. 
Daily tasks will include team meetings, preparation for workshops and events, planning activities, daily youth house activities (board games, discussions, cooking with yougnsters etc..) and youth house popularization in local community.



Application deadline : 01/05/2018


  • We are looking for french or belgian volunteer 
  • Between 18 and 26 years old 
  • Interested by working with young adults, teenagers and kids 
  • Who's able to work individually and in teams. 
  • Is able to take initiative 
  • Is creative and interested in music, non-formal education, photo and videao 
  • has intermediate English level 
  • Is willing to spend one year in rural area

PS: If you send your motivations in video, poster or other creative form you will get bonus points.

We bieden aan

Accomodation and food are take in charge by the eurpoean commission.

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