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Colonel Gin

Graphic Designer


Colonel Gin is a Premium Gin brand based in Belgium and present in 6 countries so far. Currently reaching Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Poland, Colonel hit its ambitious targets in 2016 and is looking to grow further.

Colonel works in collaboration with a renowned distillery and spirit professionals to produce a gin that is the result of +35 years of craftsmanship, challenging a well established drink through its innovative spirit. 


Colonel Gin opens a graphic designer position to create a strong brand identity, innovate in the communications and marketing strategies and grow faster. 

Your role will be to adapt our visual elements, create new visuals for campaigns, be creative and give us suggestions to improve our brand image.



We are looking for an ambitious, energetic and creative graphic designer. 

You will be expected to be agile, to think fast and to be creative.

Needed skills: 

- Photoshop

- Illustrator

Good knowledge in Social Media content formats is a plus. 

We bieden aan

You will be working in a fast-paced environment and your responsibilities will have a direct impact on the company’s results, making this internship valuable for your own experience. Also, we look forward to your ideas, strategies and know-how. You will not be there only to help us, but also to grow and acquire valuable experience in the process. 

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