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Get up, go to work, do stuff you don’t care about for 8 hours or more, sleep, repeat... Are you keen on not falling into this routine? 

ClearSource is a recruitment company that doesn’t settle for status quo. They question, create buzz, do things differently. And most importantly, they see employees as energy the company needs rather than resources. Flexi-time, flexi-location, different desk every day or the same view out of my window, pretty please... Whatever rocks your boat, they make it happen. You'd rather start later to avoid traffic jams? Work the mornings from home, no problem. Have a doctor appointment in the middle of the afternoon? Not an issue, as long as the work is done. 

What counts at ClearSource are results, not the hours you slave away at your desk. And it must be working for them, since they're booming—they've doubled in office space, hired 8 new people and grew their sales by 108% only in the past year! 


" If I want to be recruited as a recruiter, will they consider my experience from the recruitment itself as valuable for my recruitment skills that I’ll need as a recruiter? "

What does it actually take to be a good recruiter? Let’s have a chat… because ClearSource is recruiting recruiters!


You could be a fit if you…

…. are fluent in English with good French or Dutch
… are a student looking for a professional internship
.... want to learn what it's like to work in a leading edge digital environment
… are entrepreneurial and business oriented
… are a team player and you’re proactive
… are creative, solution oriented and positive
… have some pretty solid communication skills
… are ambitious, result driven and self-motivated

Any successful previous internships are a plus but not a must!

We bieden aan

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