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HUAWEI Technologies

HUAWEI-Assistant of PR Manager



Technology is revolutionising how we live, work, learn and do business. Europe’s digital transformation is underway. Huawei is a part of this process. 

Strategic focus on the Internet of Things, cloud, 5G & AI

As a leading global provider of ICT solutions, we are in a strategic position to help Europeans get the most out of digital technologies. Through investment, innovation and collaboration, Huawei is a contributor to a united and strong Europe.

Member of 360+ standards & industry organisations

Our activities dovetail with the priorities of the European Commission’s digital single market strategy.We are working with European partners to develop networks and solutions, invest in regions, support education and help boost connectivity.

Our European Research Institute (ERI) in Leuven, Belgium, oversees our EU R&D network

Europe is Huawei’s centre of expertise. Thanks to our global value chain, we deliver innovation to the EU, while making EU expertise available to the world.


  1. we are promoting our brand and content through a Youtube Channel: you can seach “What makes it tick?” to find the videos
  2. Assist in operating and developing this channel on Youtube


  1. Strong English ability and creativity
  2. perfer major in Science,mathematics,physical etc
  3. Assist in operating and developing this channel on Youtube

We bieden aan

  1. opportunities to work with EU Parlment
  2. good working environment
  3. Great learning platform
  4. intern with salary


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