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Donald Agency

Intern Sales Manager


Donald is a communication agency with the aim to;

- (Re)brand products and services.

- (Re)position marketing campaigns.



Targeting new clients in order to grow internal sales.

You will be in charge of the expansion of our company, and in consant communication with the two founders.



  • Billingual (NL/FR - ENG)
  • A sense to work with both offline and online communication channels.
  • A hands-on mentality to push campaigns and projects to a higher level.
  • A drive to execute the work in the best-possible way and the brains to see pitfalls AND opportunities.
  • Strong communication skills that allow you to make a difference, both internally within the agency (you get things done) as externally at clients (clients trust and/or love you)
  • A teamplayer. Someone that is ‘we’-oriented, not ‘me’-oriented.
  • A good sense of humour and a way to see things in perspective.

We bieden aan

  • Super cool young crew
  • Creative office space
  • International Sales Environment
  • No bullshit, start-up management
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