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Internship Marketing & Communication


"Sport builds your character. It teaches you how to fall, to get up gracefully and move forward. It helps you to put things into perspetive and surpass yourself." M.W. 

Children are not reponsible of their family situation.

It is up to us, adults, to look for solutions. We are convinced that by giving children a chance to practice a sport we give them the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Sport teaches the value of effort and how to manage victory, as well as defeat. It teaches us how to persevere in our commitments. It develops our self-confidence, our discipline and feeds our need to belong to a group. It is important of our personal development.

The regular physical activity which sport provides, naturally makes people physically, mentally and emotionally healthier. It is not only a school of life. It is fun, it makes us feel good about ourselves. It gives us energy, a purpose and it should be accessible for every child.
All of the above explains the goal of MW Fund: Every child has the right to practice a sport !






Participate in the strategic brainstorming sessions with the co-founders, the community manager and the marketing experts
Participate in the preparation of the next event Cooking for Sport
Participating of a huge digital campaign: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram


MWFund is looking for interns. Comme and join  our team,  .And we need your input to help us develop our business!


Background in management/ communication / marketing /or sales.
Language: French / Dutch
Team player, autonomous and strong ability to adapt to new situations.
Strong communication skills.
Quick thinker / fast mover.
Entrepreneurial spirit.
Have your own laptop


We bieden aan

This is a great learning opportunity to organise events in Belgium and to experience the real ONG life.

You will have a very diverse internship in a strongly growing company.

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