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Pricing Pact

Internship - Software Engineer & Business Developer


About us

Did you know that even though pricing is known as the most impactful profit driver, it is usually the one that companies neglect most. Why is it so? Because few people have the tools and knowledge to define and optimise their prices (crazy but true). 

At Pricing Pact, we want to make pricing easy and accessible for companies of all size, from startup to enterprise. We are a high-growth tech startup that helps its clients to maximise their revenue with pricing software and consulting missions. In less than a year, our team more than doubled, and we worked with more than 25 clients across multiple industries and geographies.

We differentiate from many consulting companies as we focus on the top line only. No cost cutting missions with us, only growth-driven ones. From the young employee to the CEO, everyone loves us :)

Have a look at our Website and LinkedIn page to get to know more about us.

Company culture  

We always put the human at the centre of the work. That’s why we provide a very flexible environment. Need to start later so you can practice your magic tricks or your prawns peeling contest? Ne problem. We judge on outputs and outcomes, not office hours.

We are a young, diverse, passionate, and (we at least believe) fun team! You’ll get to work with engineers, designers, consultants, business developers, and more. You will sure learn from nice and talented people.



As a Full-stack Developer at Pricing Pact, you will be part of the development team in charge of creating our pricing solutions using an agile methodology.

You will learn a lot about the new web technologies and develop a strong sense of data analytics that you will use in your daily missions.

At pricing pact, you are not only a developer.

You will also assume the role of a pricing consultant by working closely with clients. Moreover, you will also get involved with business development to help us grow the company.

Pricing Pact is growing fast, but is still a small structure. You will have an intense, diverse, and challenging experience. You will:

  • Work with various clients that range from startups to big corporates, in multiple industries
  • Shape your own schedule
  • Enjoy autonomy and leadership on projects from A to Z
  • Work on many small projects with fast impact
  • Have a lot of room for creativity
  • Learn A LOT about A LOT of things
  • As we are going international, you might also travel to other countries.


About You 

  • you  have experience in web and software development
  • you like coding, but not only
  • you are keen to learn about the business side of things
  • you are eager to learn new technologies like React.js, Node.js, etc.
  • you are hungry to learn, autodidact, and proactive
  • you have a proficient level of English
  • you are result-oriented
  • you love having responsibilities
  • you want to be part of a fast growing and promising startup
  • you love to be challenged
  • you are currently enrolled in a Master Degree in Computer Sciences or other Engineering fields
  • and you are fun!

We need talents to achieve our ambition. If you recognise yourself, contact us!

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