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Marketing and business development


Scaut is a revolutionary platform that connects local businesses with micro-influencers. We have automated the whole process through deep analysis of Instagram profiles and dynamic profile valuation models. The company itself advocates a rock culture where bold ideas and strategies are encouraged.


-> Market research  

  • Study our customer base
  • Analyse and place customers into different  segments 
  • Research into new and promising markets 
  • Research the world of the Influencer, know all the in's and outs 
  • Research the influencer market in Europe for future expansion

-> Marketing campaigns  

  • Research disruptive and viral marketing campaigns  
  • Optimise the in platform experience  
  • Look for potential  partnerships that might help us with distribution and awareness 
  • Create a campaign that targets local businesses 
  • Create content for de influencer and the local businesses  

Help with creating our company culture 

Take part in our brainstorm sessions and have an opportunity to leave your mark

Customer success 

  • Gather success data
  • Handle support issues 
  • Track conversion 

We encourage you to discover and further investigate your own personal interests. 


We are looking for someone who is willing to learn, who doesn't mind a challenging and changing environment.

  • You are a creative thinker
  • You can work with deadlines
  • ou can handle freedom, but still get the work done
  • You like to help others

I can keep coming up with these, but let's be honest, if you want to do an internship in a startup be ready for some challenges and setbacks! But I can promise you one thing, it will be one hell of a ride. 

P.s a motivation letter isn't needed to apply, we would rahter invite you over for a chat 

We bieden aan

  • An environment like no other, where you will get responsibilities and the chance to learn.
  • Some awesome co-workers 
  • An amazing office 
  • Does coffe count as a bonus?

We are open to suggustions :p

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