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Marketing and Communication


Spentys is an interactive 3D printing platform for orthopaedic medical devices. Spentys aims to reduce the gap between the complexity of the 3D printing technology and the reality of the hospitals environments. The Spentys solution goes from the 3D scanning of the patient's limb, to the 3D modelling and the 3D printing of the patient's specific cast. This solution is completely automatic and centralised on a cloud platform. It makes the process easy to use for physicians and helps them to quickly interact with the Spentys team. This solution makes the 3D printing technology directly available in the hospitals environment, and so to the patients.


The goal of the internship is to promote Spentys and re-think the entire visual of the company. The intern will organise brainstorming sessions with the Spentys team to find a new brand image. He will also be in charge of the creation of new templates with Spentys visual (PowerPoint for several types of presentation, Photoshop to draw attractive descriptive illustrations, etc.). The objective is to find coherence on all the documents made by Spentys.

Spentys is willing to go to the market in September 2018 and so has to prepare a communication strategy to reach orthopaedists and hospitals with his new solution (digital marketing, online communication, etc.). The student will also be in charge of communication and will take care of the social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), by sharing the progress of the project, and by sharing new medical scientific articles.


Background required

To be creative, motivated and resourceful

Knowledge of an image processing program such as Photoshop

Bachelor in Communication, Design or Marketing

Knowledge of the 3D printing technologies is a plus

Knowledge of the medical industry is a plus


To define a new brand image

To define a new marketing and communication strategy

To create basic templates for several types of documents (presentation, CR, ...)

To make a promotional video clip

To share posts on social networks

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