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Regio Bierbox

Marketing and Communication Assistent


A Discovery-Box for Belgian Craft Beer

We have created boxes from different beer-loving regions in Belgium. In each box you will discover a selection of 6 craft beers brewed in that specific region.

When savouring the Bruges Beerbox for instance, you will discover 6 different craft beers that are actually brewed in Bruges !  ​

We started our journey in 2019 and strongly believe in our joint project with local brewers. We are convinced of Belgian brewing quality and of our cooperation with smaller local craft Beers !

We support ‘unknown by the majority’ beers and want you to experience the real taste of Belgian craft. ​

Our goal is to share local beer with all beer-lovers...

Check us out : www.regiobierbox.com

Cheers !


This internship will give you on-field insights to the world of Marketing and Communication !
You will learn how to use all tools and growth hacks !  

  • Set up a Marketing strategie for the next 5 months.
  • Have responsabilities and work independently. 
  • Manage a professional Facebook and Instagram account. 
  • Imagine and build engaging content.
  • Be part of a Crowdfunding compain. 
  • Organise events.  
  • But mostly : Be creatif and proactif !

You will work mostly from home but be in contact with the founder ! 
Once a week or more, if needed, you will meet the founder and have trainings and insights !  


You are studying in marketing?
Or you are interested in Marketing?
Or your dream is to start you own start-up one day?  
Or you want to be part of a start-up experience?


Our requirements : 

  • Be motivated to learn and discover the marketing tools of today !
  • Speak good NL and FR !
  • Be independent and reliable ! 
  • Be flexible and proactive !
  • Have good NL writing skills ! 
  • If you are active on social media and like photography - it's a plus ! 

Otherwise we hop you are a team player and up for a beer from time to time... don't forget - we sell BEER ;) 

Cheers !







We bieden aan

What we offer :

  • some grate insights in the world of marketing - you will learn fast !
  • a young and startup'isch working environment !
  • an awsome product to support !
  • some beer tasting and brewery visits ! 
  • beeing part of a Crowdfunding campain ! 

But for most, beeing part of a young and chilled working environment wtih loads to learn :)    

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