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Marketing et business development


Kazidomi is a Belgian e-commerce that sells healthy products at affordable prices. The start-up was created in 2016 by two ex-Solvay and is constantly growing since then.

We used to know where our food came from and what was in it. Somewhere along the way, that got lost. But grocery shopping doesn’t need to be a to-do list or a research project. And it shouldn’t be an ethical dilemma or a budget-breaker either.

Kazidomi is born of a child’s dream: to be able to shop with your eyes closed, being certain to find only healthy products for our body and good for the planet.
We started Kazidomi because we knew what food could be: made of real ingredients, kind to the environment, reasonably priced, catered to our needs, and delicious.


- vue globale sur le fonctionnement d'un site e-commerce et utilsation du back office

- contact fournisseurs

- optimisation du parcours client

- developpement 

- stratégie marketing


- minimum bachelier

- compétence en business/marketing

- bon esprit d'analyse

- entreprenant et dynamique

We bieden aan

- espace de travail

- flexibilité

- super ambiance

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