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Ingedata is an established company with a startup spirit based in Singapore, Belgium, Thailand, Madagascar and Philippines.

Ingedata provides data preparation services to the most innovative companies in the World. We feed AI models with qualitative data to make them reach full potential. We differentiate with high-end services thanks to a unique data production methodology and, more importantly, thanks to a wonderful 500-people team. As a People company, Ingedata thrives on bringing talents from developing countries on the international AI scene.


Project analysis: support the design and execution of our process to explore projects and
design solutions with Clients.
o Carefully analyse and challenge project requirements in AI
o Prepare presentations for technical Client meetings
o Write deliverables to the Client such as Specifications, Solution design, and Production
• Methods:
o Take a step back on concrete projects and participate in Ingedata’s methodology to
succeed at ever more challenging projects
▪ What questions to ask Clients
▪ How to frame a data preparation project in AI
▪ Building an ISO-based quality control system
▪ Measuring and improving production performance
o Source and share
▪ Publications (Read AI papers and articles to share the best articles you find)
▪ Client interviews (understand our Client’s challenges)
▪ Participate in technical webinars to explain how Ingedata handle complex data
preparation projects in AI
Dare and share!!!
o Take initiatives, share what you discover, share your inputs on new AI/data
preparation/strategic ideas!
o You will work in the most dynamic space for tech companies in Brussels! Meet people
and build your network


We are looking for an Engineering trainee who is interested in AI and would like to strengthen his skills
in methods, solution architecture and technical analysis. If this sounds like you, then read on!
We are looking for someone who:
▪ Has interest in AI (you don’t necessarily need to know IT/development!)
▪ Is able to analyse, understand and challenge technical information
▪ Ability to conceptualize and create processes
▪ Has excellent English skills (speaking & writing)
▪ Is autonomous, has start-up mindset and can-do attitude
▪ Is rigorous and has a strong attention to detail,
▪ Loves to interact with people: data scientists, researchers, managing directors, people from big
corporate as well as startups, etc.
▪ Has strong interest in technical innovation
▪ Is ready to travel!

We bieden aan

▪ Be part of an international company (Belgium, Madagascar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand)
▪ Join a multicultural team in Belgium (Belgian, Brazilian, Colombian, French, Russian)
▪ Work in a cosy place, right in the centre of Brussels
▪ Put your shoulder to the wheel to tackle upcoming AI challenges
▪ An attractive gratification package to cover internship cost

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