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AMIA Systems

Operational Excellence Internship: “Internal logistics optimization”


AMIA Systems is an Operational Excellence company developing its own software, SIMOGGA, to visualize, quantify and optimize the operations of Production plants, Maintenance sites, Distribution centers or Warehouses. 

Our goals?

  • Remove the complexity of the analysis
  • Compare the “What-If”  scenarios and anticipate the variability
  • Accelerate the decision process with simple and understanding visuals
  • Collaborate and involve your teams to facilitate the change management



  1. SIMOGGA Layout Design: A flow optimization module to help company in their transformation (move, reorganization, investment), by analyzing flows, building layout scenarios or creating cells for part families
  2. SIMOGGA Planner: A simulation module to offer a global view of the planning and scheduling (finite capacity), to manage  resources (material and human) or identify/remove bottlenecks
  3. SIMOGGA Analytics: An optimization module for warehouses to visualize the historical picking lines (flows, efficiency, arduousness) to find and quantify the potential of improvements (layout, product locations, picking strategy)



Job description : Perform analysis to support our team and solve the customer's challenges.


  • Help in the data collection on the field (shop floor)
  • Extract-Transform-Load data to perform analysis with SIMOGGA
  • Analyze the current situation
  • Define some improvements through SMED and Lean methods
  • Simulate what-ifs scenarios to meet customers requirements
  • Propose some alternatives to avoid bottlenecks
  • Interact with the internal IT team (AMIA), and the customer team to build some durable optimization



  • Industrial or Civil engineer
  • Experience in the excellence operational, process improvements
  • Passionate by the improvements and looking for new solutions (out of the box) to solve the problems



We bieden aan

What do we offer?

  • Work-life balance
  • An attractive project in an innovative startup
  • A large expertise to manage trainees and thesis
  • A expert team to support you and to boost your polyvalent training
  • En dynamic environment and a large autonomous to propose, test and validate new solutions
  • A real contact with the industry challenge 
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