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NetExpat is the global leader in expat partner assistance and a leading organization in talent management. NetExpat was founded 20 years ago and has experienced steady, double digit growth resulting in a highly competitive organization with offices in 75 countries worldwide. The clients we serve are prestigious corporations with many belonging to the Fortune Global 500. Our growing team consists of over 500 experts, and we are proudly ISO 9001 certified.

We provide global services to 400+ multinational corporations that have chosen NetExpat based on:

Our superior capabilities - NetExpat is ISO 9001 certified at a global level
Our measured added value
The outstanding professionalism of our trainers and coaches
Our extensive international reach thanks to our presence in more than 75 countries and over 150 cities


The internship involves developing a questionnaire known as the ExpAdviser; used to help employees, future expats and their families to anticipate and grasp possible difficulties encountered through expatriation.
The questionnaire includes specific destinations (as of now 72 countries). This decade the ExpAdviser underwent a lot of research and validation. We are currently working on the deployment of a new version integrating recent research and seeking certification from the British Psychology Society. A training program and certification of users has been developed and needs to be updated to correspond to the new version. The intern will assist with the finalization of the new version, work closely with the development team through activities such as:

  • Selecting open questions for the new version
  • Support with data analysis and updating the factorial structure
  • Working on country profiles for instance based on Hofstede’s work
  • Preparing documentation for the British Psychology Society
  • Collaborating with the IT team to improve the ExpAdviser
  • Updating programs and manuals


  • Master levels specializing in organizatoinal psychology or social and intercultural psychology
  • In depth PC skills: Microsoft Acces, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Outstanding and very adaptable communication skills to deal with people of different cultural backgrounds and professions
  • Understanding of analytical analysis
  • Autonomous and responsible working style

We bieden aan

Join us for a fun versatile internship in the Global HQ of NetExpat in Brussels! This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to work in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00
Place: Brussels office
Beginning: throughout the year
Non-paid internship
A three-party agreement between the education institution, the student and NetExpat must be signed before the internship commences

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