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Sales and Marketing project coordinator


We are a catering business offering seasonal healthy and gourmet meals through different distributions channels.( our popup restaurant rooftop 58, www.allready.be, our own shop) We aim to have a strong substainable approach, from farm from fork.

At All Ready, we all share three common values:

The first is to always be professional, and to honour our commitments. At All Ready, we make no compromises when it comes to good and healthy food.  We do not use any preservatives, modified gas or other food additives.

The second is to be a source of inspiration whether it be for our teams by allowing them the freedom to develop on a individual level or for our customers when it comes to their daily food. We are convinced that it is possible to eat well and respect the environment and local producers, without having to pay through the nose. Beeing inspired by nature we wish to inspire you as well to daily healthy nutrition.

And lastly, we share the value of  Ubuntu “I am because we are”. We would like to offer you a human experience.


Events and event planning – Organizing our weekly/monthly events - attending industry events in your city (often outside of 9-5 hours) and planning meetups for your community.
Public relations - managing incoming media requests and building relationships with industry journalists; creating, executing and measuring media campaigns.
Communications/marketing strategy – the coordinator is responsible for creating strategic marketing/communications plans to provide direction for the company’s public-facing communications.

Content creation – writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, communications materials, and material for social media channels.
Social media marketing – creating, managing and growing the company’s presence through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other strategically relevant online properties.
Analytics – Using Google Analytics and other measurement tools to provide reports on metrics, and continually find ways to improve on those metrics through testing and new initiatives.
Business development – responsible for business development and sales. Assisting in the vertical and horizontal growth of the segments.
Back of the house Admin.- Being able to handle basic administration and its multifaceted aspect of it.


Outgoing personality – they will be required to walk into networking events and be comfortable introducing themselves to strangers.
Trilingual- being able to interact in French, Dutch and English perfectly.
Writing skills – a background in journalism or experience with writing helps since they’ll be creating so much content for your company.
Social media experience – experience with social media tools isn’t a must, but it’s definitely helpful and cuts down on training. Look for someone who can navigate WordPress and understands Twitter and Facebook for business.
Interest in your industry – Needs to be passionate about Food and the hospitality industry.
 Willingness to work around the clock – Make sure they understand that the job involves working some evenings and weekends, and responding to community members outside of work hours (but please, please compensate them accordingly)
Good employee – The skills you would look for any employee apply here: great time management skills, ability to multitask, intelligence and a well-balanced individual/team player, able to work under time pressure.
PR experience – having experience with public relations is a nice to have, especially if it’s a focus for your business
Culture fit – this especially applies if you’re at a small company. The person needs to get along with your other employees and needs to mesh with the company’s culture
Education – I’m a big believer in valuing intelligence, personality and overall fit before looking at a degree. But if it really matters to you, look for someone with a degree in journalism, communications or English, or someone with a PR or corporate communications certificate

We bieden aan

A motivated young dynamic team always pleased to welcome new members.
A unique dynamic environment where you will be able to develop new projects, implementing a “No BOX” marketing strategy.
Your ideas do matter to us and you will be able to put them in place.

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