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We are a catering business offering seasonal healthy and gourmet meals through different distributions channels.( our popup restaurant rooftop 58, www.allready.be, our own shop) We aim to have a strong substainable approach, from farm from fork.

At All Ready, we all share three common values:

The first is to always be professional, and to honour our commitments. At All Ready, we make no compromises when it comes to good and healthy food.  We do not use any preservatives, modified gas or other food additives.

The second is to be a source of inspiration whether it be for our teams by allowing them the freedom to develop on a individual level or for our customers when it comes to their daily food. We are convinced that it is possible to eat well and respect the environment and local producers, without having to pay through the nose. Beeing inspired by nature we wish to inspire you as well to daily healthy nutrition.

And lastly, we share the value of  Ubuntu “I am because we are”. We would like to offer you a human experience.


AU sein d'une équipe polyvalente on rercherche de jeunes stagiaires afin  d'effectuer des taches au seins du garde-manger et les différentes mise en place.


Votre opinion et expertise seront important pour la création de plats pour notre carte hivernale.


Vous êtes créatif(ve), ambitieux(euse) et passionné(e)?

= rejoignez notre équipe jeune, dynamique et multiculturelle.



* aider le chef dans les mises en place et productions

* soutien à la logistique de la cuisine

* prendre part à la promotion de la marque

We bieden aan

Une équipe hyper dynamique qui adore partager sa passion d' une cuisine locale, saine, gourmande et inventive.





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