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HS Group

Stage - Département Finance


HS Group est spécialisé dans les soultions de sécurité et d'outsourcing. Notre mission est de créer une valeur matérielle et durable pour nos clients en leur permettant à nos clients de se focaliser sur leur core-business.                                 Notre Mission:                                                                                                          
Nous fournissons de manière proactive à nos clients des solutions d'outsourcing sécurisées.
Nos Valeurs:                                                                                                      Client: Les clients sont notre principale préoccupation et priorité.
Employés: Nous encourageons nos employés à se comporter comme une seule équipe et à appartenir à une seule entreprise. Nous nous concentrons sur le bien-être de nos employés.
Innovation: Nous encourageons nos collaborateurs à proposer de manière proactive des solutions innovantes pour aider nos clients à se concentrer sur leur cœur de métier.
Qualité: La qualité reste notre priorité au quotidien.







Position Summary: 

The accountant trainee is responsible for helping on the bookkeeping, including maintaining company financial records, monthly billing, billable time tracking and reports for review by the management team and other bodies.  This includes,  but is not limited to: accounts receivable and payable, EOM reconciliation, payroll,  payroll taxes, quarterly payroll tax reports, monthly and annual VAT returns, invoicing, personnel payroll records, paid  time off tracking, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly business reports, computer data  entry of time slips as well as working with the company’s accounting firm and insurance  agent  and  other  items  as  needed  by  management. 


Duties and Responsibilities:     

1. Help on bookkeeping including all month and year end journal entries for 3 legal entities   

2. Help on compiling and preparing the monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements for in‐house use and tax purposes and decision making. 

3. Help on maintaining employee records including but not limited to hours, mileage and reimbursement forms, etc. 

4. Help on processing payroll monthly, file all payroll taxes and forms monthly, quarterly and yearly as required by Federal and State laws.  Maintain payroll files and reports. 

5. Help on maintaining all client accounts of time, billings and payments.  Collection of accounts receivable when necessary. 

6. Help on preparing all monthly client invoicing and vendor payments for management team approval and mailing. 

7. Help on Reconciling credit card receipts and statements monthly.  Track credit card receipts for client invoicing and pay cards in a timely manner. 

8. Help on keeping records and tracking of all company assets purchased and in use.   Update records when assets are removed and no longer in use.

9. Help on preparing weekly, monthly, quarterly reports and financial analysis reports including but not limited to financial statements, client budget reports, employee time tracking reports, part‐time employee hours report, employee financial profit share report, accounts receivable reports, etc. 




1. Bachelor or Master in Accounting 

2. Knowledge of Microsoft  Office  products  mainly  Excel,  Word and Outlook. 

3. Maintain client and business confidentiality

3. Maintain client and business confidentiality. 

4. Self directed and self‐motivated. 

5. Detail oriented, organized and accurate. 

6. Able to work with diverse personalities. 

7.Able to pursue collection of accounts receivables. 

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