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Startup Intern - Web Developer in Brussels



Ruddy is a mobile app that works within the Diet and Health industry. We are targeting the growing health-conscious consumers, who are increasingly more concerned about their diet and health. We personalise and facilitate dieting for everyone based on their location, nutritional needs and their food preferences. At the same time, we help restaurants offer healthier options that better target consumers. 


Ruddy, calculates the nutritional values of restaurant dishes. By making this information available on our mobile app, Ruddy is able to personalize your meal plan based on your diet, nutritional needs and dishes available in your area.

For example: if you want to eat a dish with 730 calories; Ruddy shows you all the dishes in your area that are 730 calories. 

Our app is available for download in Belgium and the US for IOS and Android.  Ruddyapp.com​


We are looking to expand our team in order to develop new features on our mobile and web platform. 

If you ever wondered how startups are made or wanted to gain experiences in this field you should join us. Joining Ruddy will give you the opportunity to be apart of an early stage startup and witness how a company:

  • develops its products & services
  • acquires clients and users
  • raise funds
  • expands in new regions
  • and ... 


We are currently expanding our team and are looking for:

  • Co-Founders (full time)
  • Developers (full or part-time)
  • Marketeers & Sales Representatives (full or part-time)
  • Business Developers


You will be responsible for the technical side of Ruddy, to further increase the functionality of the web and/or the mobile platforms. The goal is to enhance the the current version of the platforms and develop a marketplace where consumers can order food from restaurants. 

More specifically, we have divided the development into 3 major parts:

  • API
  • Mobile platforms
  • Web platform

You will work on one of these parts. However, the nature of a startup gives you the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the business. 


We are looking for colleagues with experinces in the these domains:

  • Mobile Developers:
    • React Native
    • Android
    • Swift
    • Rest API
    • MVVM pattern


  • Web Developer:
    • Rest API
    • Postgres SQL
    • Java
    • Java Script
    • MVC Pattern

More importantly, we are looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit who are eager to learn and take on new challenges. If you are someone who likes to take ownership of their work, wants to learn and maybe one day start his/her own business you should definitely have a chat with us. 

We bieden aan

Ruddy is at an early stage and we do not pay ourselves. However, we are focused on changing that asap. We also have a 10% equity stake for our early employees. 


  • The chance to be part of a rapidally growing startup and the next success story
  • Learn how a startup works and bring these expereinces into your own future projects
  • Work on a product that helps consumers and businesses
  • Work remotely
  • Be apart of an international team
  • Looking for full and part time people
  • Challenge yourself
  • ...




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