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Student Internships at MyMicroInvest.com


MyMicroInvest is a "Venture Capital" investment crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to invest alongside professional investors in European start-ups and SMEs, in return for equity or an annual return. Individuals can invest (from €100) in companies listed on MyMicroInvest under the same financial conditions as those offered to professional co-investors.

The platform provides entrepreneurs of start-ups and growing businesses to connect with potential investors and achieve their fundraising goals. Unlike crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or KissKissBankBank, MyMicroInvest gives investors real equity in the companies they fund.


We are recruiting 3-4 Student Interns who are passionate about tech startups, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. An internship agreement will be signed with your university. These will be unpaid internships and will offer an incredible learning experience in a highly dynamic and fast paced environment. Please do not apply if you are not up for the challenge or are not interested in learning-by-doing. 


Job description:
- Content writing, copywriting & editorials 
- Target customer research 
- Internet research - gathering data 
- Lead generation - emailing prospects 
- Communicating on LinkedIn and Twitter 
- Various tasks for Content marketing and Social Media marketing


Ideal Profile:
- Quick thinker  / fast mover 
- Creative problem solver 
- Strong Excel skills 
- Ready for challenges (big ones!)
- Online marketing knowledge 
- Passionate about startups & entrepreneurship 
- Language: English / French / Flemish 
- Have your own laptop 


We bieden aan

This is a great learning opportunity to work for one of the most prominent startups in Belgium and gain first hand knowledge about digital marketing and growth hacking. Only apply if you are passionate about digital marketing and learning by getting your hand dirty. 

Apply Now! 
Send your CV and email cover letter and state 3 reasons "Why you're the best candidate for the job?"

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