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Web Development


Hytchers is a startup established in Brussels (at Greenbizz). We developped a distribution solution that allows e-commerce parcels to be delivered by private individuals. The service consists of coordinating independent carriers to stop by relay points (e.g. petrol stations) to collect parcels for onward transportation. These carriers – called “hytchers” - are notified about pending parcels along their route by means of a smartphone application. Just as with the hitchhiking concept, parcels go from one station to another, carried by one deliverer to another, until they finally reach their ultimate destination.

Parcels are also be traceable by receivers using a web interface. Our hytchers are paid according to the distance of transportation by means of credits or prepaid fuel cards valid in our partner shops.

We are 4 young begian guys both from north and south of the country. We want you to be part of the team and the Hytchers adventure! 





At Hytchers, we developed a crowdshipping solution for ecommerces. Packages are distributed through a network of relay points by private individuals, optimizing their trips by transporting parcels on their way.

As an intern at Hytchers, you'll be coached by our CTO to research, design and implement our secured back-office web pages intented to the clients (ecommerces).



We are looking for a motivated student with first experiences in:

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • PHP

We bieden aan

You will join a young, highly-motivated and dynamic team in the centre of Brussels and get the opportunity to create a real impact on existing users.

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