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Web Graphic Designer and UX Designer


We are a small startup that creates and provides tailored projects for small and big companies. 

Our main services are:

Software Development, Cloud Management, and IT Support


As our graphic designer intern you will be in charge of the design of logos, visuals, illustrations, icons and all the graphic process of websites and apps.

Together with the team, you are responsable for the UX and UI design of the projects. You will be part of meetings ( not to bring the coffee but to share your awesome ideas ) with clients.

And last but not least, to have fun, it is important for us that you enjoy what you do with us.


  • We are looking for someone passionate about UI and UX design.
  • A person who can stay with a cold mind when the deadlines approach.
  • A graphic designer with strong knowledge in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, other programs are a plus.
  • Are you learning a language? don't worry, we can communicate in French, English, Spanish and a pinch of Dutch.
  • The graphic designer should have social skills as well as an open mind.

We bieden aan

What we offer:

  1. Both of our offices are in green locations perfect for picnics in summer or walks in case you need to run from crazy clients.
  2. A fun place with access to video games whenever you feel out of ideas.
  3. All the coffee, smart drinks, softdrinks, and tea you can drink!
  4. Access 24/24 to our office spaces in Waterloo & Soon to be Braine-L'alleud
  5. Teleworking at will
  6. Internet Fiber Optic
  7. Professional events where you can connect with other companies and people from the same market.
  8. An open and flexible working environment.
  9. Paid online courses to improve your skills
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