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Cisco Incubator Program 7.0: Noro tells more about this unique experience

A testimonial about the cisco incubator program

Are you a student looking for an opportunity to broaden your tech knowledge? Are you passionate about Python or IoT and would like to know more? We have a great offer for you – a learning program CISCO INCUBATOR 7.0. One of our Incubator alumni – Noro – would like to tell you more about this unique experience.

A few words about my studies and how I discovered the Incubator Program:

I learned about the Incubator in June 2017, at the end of my first year of MSc in Computer Science. We received an invite for a presentation about the Cisco Incubator program at my University (register for such presentation HERE – 18th of April, virtual session). My friends and I were particularly interested, since we were all passionate about Computer Networks. We knew it would be good, as we also had in the past the opportunity to attend very interesting presentations given by Cisco employees during our cursus. I went to the Incubator’s presentation and it was a great experience! One of the speakers actually joined the Incubator when he was a student like us and was hired after his graduation. We had the most interesting discussion about the challenges and the opportunities they are facing every day. What really caught my attention is when they mentioned that they learn so much through their day-to-day activities, and how supportive Cisco is to help you in your growth and learning.

What about the recruitment process for the Incubator? Was it easy or scary?

It was not scary at all, don’t worry. It was a very interesting experience and I can tell you that even through the recruitment process, you already learn a lot. As far as I remember, there were 2 steps for my interview. First, I had a phone interview and then, I was invited at Cisco Office in Belgium for a second interview. I was provided with documentation about what would be expected from me during the interview. What I really appreciated is that even through a simple interview, they already teach you a lot. Don’t be scared of making mistakes. If you do, nobody will judge you, you will have professionals willing to help and guide you. You’ll receive very constructive feedback and advice from them. So don’t hesitate and try 😊

What did I learn during the Incubator?

I learned so much about a large variety of topics! I did not only learn about networking, we also had sessions during which we received a training to improve our soft skills, and also to write a good resume. We even received coaching on how to apply for a job. But back to the networking training, we were offered the opportunity to earn a voucher for CCNA exam and get certified. We had weekly webinars and monthly seminars about diverse subjects, like Computer Security, IoT, VPN and more. The monthly seminars happened at Cisco Office and this is probably the part of the Incubator I enjoyed the most. I got to meet very talented people and to be trained by them. But I also had the chance to meet the other students who joined the Incubator as well. We built strong friendship and we are still in contact today. Oh, I almost forgot to mention – you can win prizes during the Incubator. One of us won a trip to visit Cisco’s office in Poland. I’ve been there for training, a month after I have been hired, and I can assure you this is an experience you don’t want to miss! Being a student requires time, I know. I also had many projects at university. But don’t worry, it is easy to combine it with Incubator and the training is designed in a way that you can have flexibility.

And what about my daily work now after I graduated from the program? How does my work look like?

After I graduated from the program, I was invited for the Assessment Center for the full-time graduate role and I passed! During this event, I had an interview and few other exercises. At the beginning, I was nervous, but after a while I started to find it very fun. Now I work at Cisco as a TAC Engineer for Data Center Switching Technology. My job is helping customers to troubleshoot issues that they might encounter in their Data Centers. I work on different issues every day and each day I learn something new. Do you remember the speaker I mentioned who presented the Incubator to me? We are working in the same team now 😊

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