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Combine sport and revenues, what else?

Home meals delivery sector: a growing market!

Belgium, and more specifically Brussels, has been seduced by what is, without any doubts, one of the most promising concept of the year: home meals delivery. While trend was turning to the traditional channel of telephony for making a command to companies which already have their deliverers, it’s nowadays web that returns custom by proposing a new booming structure of home delivery.

Among different actors of this new market, we can meet between others Deliveroo, Take Eat Easy or Resto-In. The idea for them is to play mediator between customers always more connected and restaurants by taking profit of numeric technologies and by assuring deliveries themselves. The formula seduces as all find their profits: customers can make commands very easily and have access to a large choice of meals while restaurants have the opportunity to outsource deliveries by assuring themselves extra revenues.

Same service, but not same organization.

On the one hand, the British company Deliveroo propose a fixed salary of €10,00 by hour to his deliverers. They dispose of a double system of tips in order to make easier this type of practice. They let first any customer thank deliverers by giving a tip after delivery’s made. Then, they promote also the idea of directly let a tip at the online command period by guarantee that all tip goes to the deliverer.
On the other hand, Take Eat Easy, the young company build by four Belgians, works with a pricing system of €7,50 by race and gives the possibility to the deliverers to work when it’s possible for them by shift of 3 or 4 hours. However, deliverers have to use their own materials in order to make deliveries and all costs linked to a flat tired for example is on owner’s charges.

Find your place through this market shares fight!

“2.0” delivery’s expansion is an opportunity for you! If you're sporty, have a well known of the city and promote the idea of a dynamic job, know that those three companies are looking for deliverers to insure their service. They propose you an attractive salary and their only condition is that you’re in possession of a functional bike. 

Choose your camp and apply very easily!

Deliveroo recruits on !

Resto-In recruits on !

Take Eat Easy !



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