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Employee story: Mathias, R&D Manager

Read the testimonial of Mathias, R&D Manager at Televic Healthcare in Shangai

  • First name:  Mathias
  • Last name: Devos
  • Nationality: Belgian
  • Job title: R&D Manager
  • Televic Business Unit: Televic Healthcare
  • Televic location: Shanghai, China
  • Joined Televic in Year: 2016

What are your responsibilities within the company?

“I started working in Shanghai at Televic Asia as a part of the software team. Although I still enjoy writing software, I had the opportunity to also lead the R&D team. This means I have regular meetings with the hardware, software, mechanics and production team. Together we discuss upcoming tasks to complete our current projects. An important part of my job is to follow-up on these tasks and assist the team. I try to be an enabler so that my team can continue to work efficiently. I also assist our IT and HR teams in Belgium.

Communication between European and Chinese offices can sometimes be challenging. Another important part of my job is to ensure effective communication with our Belgian office. I can conclude that my job as an R&D Manager is certainly diverse, mostly because the office in Asia is still relatively small. I have the freedom to make my own choices while the job also offers lots of variation. Those two aspects are what I like most about my multifaceted job.”

As a child, is this the job you had in mind?

“When I was young and later during my studies at the university, I never imagined myself working abroad. Today, I can’t imagine nót working abroad. Televic gave me this opportunity and it has changed my life. Currently I feel like I can work on my professional career without anything holding me back. Something I did dream of since I was quite young, is to run a company myself. To achieve this goal, I need to learn a lot of diverse skills. I still believe I can reach this goal someday.”

What makes you proud of your work at Televic?

“Televic is an innovative company that builds on the ideas of its employees. Since I arrived in China, we have been working on a completely new software stack for our existing local products. I am very proud of what we have accomplished as a team and I look forward to seeing this product evolve. I have a lot of confidence in our system and I can feel the enthusiasm of my colleagues.”

What do you do in your spare time?

"My weekends are usually packed and that’s exactly what I prefer. There is so much to do in Shanghai – it’s difficult to keep up. I meet up with friends during the weekends, discover a crazy activity, trendy bars or a new restaurant. We also try to visit other places in China. Additionally, I try to do some sports every week to stay in shape."

What are your ambitions for the future?

"My biggest ambition at this moment is to learn. Learn how to efficiently interact with people in the workspace. Learn the subtle differences in culture and how to deal with them. Learn new skills, both technical and soft skills. And especially, try to learn from other people and their experiences in order to grow both personally and professionally."

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