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Take a crash course in business with ING!

With their cross border Business Course, ING is offering young graduates a two-day bootcamp to explore different jobs at ING and actively work on business cases to improve their skills

Preparing for a first jobinterview is not so easy when you’re a young graduate.  During jobinterviews companies will organise business cases, logical reasoning tests, team tests,... so it's hard, but vital to be prepared.  The good news: ING wants to help and organises a 2 day cross border Business Course.  During these days you'll learn to solve international  business cases, work in a team and even build your first professional network. 

What kind of course is this?

Don’t worry, this Business Course won’t be like your typical course in school. Actually, it will be quite the contrary. For starters, the course takes two days. During these two days ING will provide you with a hotel, healthy meals and transportation. This way, the only thing you need to put your energy into will be the task at hand: getting the most out of these two days on which you’ll be surrounded by professionals from ING. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

What will you be doing?

You’ll do a lot of different things. First of all, you’ll be working on real-life international business-cases! Not only will you be giving your personal advice on this case; you’ll be working with the data, do scenario planning and even negotiate. After this crash-course, no employer will be able to catch you off guard when they hand you a business case on a job interview.

Secondly, you’ll be focusing on working in teams. How do I stimulate my teammates? How do I give proper feedback? ING will challenge you in a way that makes you the proper candidate to work in multinational environments. By focusing on your mindset, creativity and team spirit, ING can help you get on the right track for an international career.

On top of that, you’ll be in direct contact with lots of ING-professionals from all over the company. You’ll be talking to the trainees about their experience on their respective traineeships and the impact on their careers, but you’ll also be talking to the senior management about the challenges of their job. And last but not least, this business course provides you with a chance to discuss your field of experience with other professionals from ING.

What this course can do for you!

if you’re new to this whole applying-for-jobs-thing, this course can give you the confidence you need to impress. After all, you already know how to talk to professionals from different levels of an international organization and work with them around a topic of expertise or a business case. And if you’re just not yet sure of what you want your future job to be, you can discover different jobs and interesting traineeships!

There are limited places so don't hesitate to SUBSCRIBE VIA this link 

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