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TESTIMONIAL: Robbe, a graduate civil engineer, started his career at Daikin

Daikin testimonial Robbe civil engineer

Robbe is 23 years old and graduated as a civil engineering. During his studies he specialized in industrial engineering and operations research, a relatively new civil engineering master at the University of Ghent focusing on the analysis, design and optimisation of complex operational systems, with the aim of improving their effectiveness and efficiency, and thus increasing their productivity. He started his career at Daikin as an international trainee and is currently still working there on challenging projects. Discover his story! 

What attracted you to join Daikin?

Daikin is a global leader in a challenging and innovating market offering a wide variety of products and solutions and focusing on continuous growth. Furthermore, their company culture offers opportunities for job rotation and new postings, not only within one’s own assigned company, but also at companies located around the globe. Therefore, Daikin has plenty of options to boost your personal development and is able to offer possibilities for growth throughout the length of your career.

Why do you think Daikin traineeship experience is beneficial for your career?

Over the course of a year the international traineeship offers the opportunity to explore three different departments of Daikin in order to further explore your interests, develop your skills and meet people all over the company. Besides that, the program is concluded with a challenging international experience at one of the affiliates of the Daikin Europe Group to further expand the gained knowledge and discover the operational differences between working at the headquarters and an affiliate office abroad.

Can you tell us some interesting things you are doing?

Currently I’m working at Zanotti, an Italian refrigeration manufacturer which is part of the Daikin group since 2016. My main project consists of improving the accuracy of the BOM and the associated costs to close the gap between the gross margin (GM) retrieved from the BOM and the actual GM from accounting postings. This way, it is possible to obtain a more accurate GM per product/ country, which makes it easier to steer sales in the right direction and to initiate GM improvements with the right priority.

Why would you recommend the Daikin traineeship to others?

It is not always easy to exactly know in which area or which function you want to start your career. This traineeship not only offers the opportunity to experience projects in multiple departments to further find your passion and expand your knowledge, but also gives you the chance  to work in an international environment and get in touch with people with different backgrounds and roles.  

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