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Barista at a mobile Coffee bar - VéloCafé

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Hi, our VéloCafé is still looking for motivated and flexible temporary staff.

We serve coffee and other (hot and cold) beverages, as well as little snacks, on a professional mobile coffee bar. The concept is quite unique and it attracts the people. You would work as a Barista (after some training) and serve mainly coffee beverages (cappucino, espresso, latte macchiato - and many others - as well as hot chocolate, tea, etc.). Our coffee and milk are organic and we have a sustainable concept.

We do Caterings (in companies or for private parties or weddings) or we attend big city festivals or flea markets (brocantes) etc.

We offer fair conditions - and an exciting and attractive job. Contact us!


Your job would usually start early in the morning - helping to built up and open the Café, before the start of an event.

During the event you serve the clients that come to our Café.

You would mainly serve beverages and sell them to the clients.

As we only have high quality products (most of them organic), most people say we have the best coffee in town, the athmosphere is pleasant and very positive.

People are enthusiastic to see our Café and to come over and have a drink.

Usually there is a high volume and thus there is a lot of work - but time flies and the work is funny and exciting (if you like to work with and meet people).

We try to serve the countries languages; so french and/or flemish should somehow be a basis.

The job ends after the event with cleaning and removing the Café.

We would help and teach you to become a good Barista.

You should help us by coming with some good spirit, motivation, flexibility and humor.

Happy to meet you soon.

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