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Budding growth hackers

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GitHustle works on giving life to side projects by connecting developers with projects with the right kind of marketers, growth hackers, and traction builders.  

There are already several projects on there and significant interest from markets, growth hackers traction builders to team up with developers on their side projects. The two sides typically work out the terms (commission, equity, partnership, etc) after they connect through the site. 








Many of the projects listed on GitHustle are at a stage of acquiring early customers.

The first 10- 100 customers can make or break such projects. These customers are unlike any others one will have over the course of a business. One needs to sell to them differently, charge them differently and try to get different things out of the relationship than those that follow. 

In phase, typically, mass marketing tactics do not work,

So, if you are game for non-mass marketing growth hacks and want to learn hands-on early startup building process, you can send in your application.

We bieden aan

Cash earnings.

Opportunities to learn about growth hacking and startup building

Potential ongoing work

Possibility for multiple projects to work on


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