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Content editor + SEO + Social networks in Dutch language

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livinium® is an independent e-commerce start up business based in Wallonia; it specialises in sourcing the next generation in SPRL SmartConnectivity, particularly smart home technology and smart fitness products. The experienced team sell these cutting-edge devices in a unique online shop. Best selling products include a robotic lawnmower and an intuitive set of scales that act as a virtual weight loss mentor.

Livinium Co-Owner and Business Develop, Ambroise Thirion, said:

“From the moment our business idea emerged, it was clear it would turn people’s daily lives around.

“Our aim is to make the best in smart home technology available to all.

“These products are attuned to people’s daily lives and will adapt to future technology.

“We are passionate about this and work in close, proactive partnership at an international level. We search the world to find the most innovative smart product manufacturers.”

The livinium® team uses its technical expertise to evaluate the extensive range of smart home products available and select the best value, most intuitive, highest performing products on the market.  The team bases its selection on a number of factors: products must be functional and ergonomic, they must be easy to install and use, compatible with other items, well designed and obviously good value too.

The smart product market is growing extremely quickly. livinium® wants to appeal to consumers of all ages and walks of life.  The company is affiliated with all of the best known brands, which are mainly European and American. It is also a partner in the main crowdfunding projects (Kickstarter, Indiegogo)

The team is committed to expanding this technology on a wide scale and ensuring it is easy for everybody to use.  Consequently all of the products in the online shop combine ease of movement, freedom, forward thinking, comfort, peace of mind and security. The key word is simplicity. This is highly focused, cutting edge technology with innovative functions.


For our livinium.com e-shop, we are looking for a student to enhance our dutch content, work on SEO optimization and create content for our Facebook page. The livinium team will be constenly present to provide instructions, advises and will review the deliverables.

It's a nice opportunity to discover Wallonia and improve the french language. (French is not mendatory for the job)


We are looking for a profile specialized in marketing and content editor. An experience in web marketing and/or web developement is an asset. 

We bieden aan

A very pleasant working environment in a coworking office in Namur/Namen area, a correct salary package and a great reference for your future career. 

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