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Beyond Energy IT

Developer for website with services for energy companies

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Start-up Business and IT consultancy firm specialized in IT services for energy companies.


The goal is to develop a website that offers a number of services to energy supply companies (e.g. EDF Luminus, Total Gas & Power, etc.).

The project includes:

  • developing the website gui, including user management and service offering 
  • developing a set of services, using recent technology and integration with CGI/PERL scripts
  • developing a file exchange infrastructure using sFTP to receive and deliver files

The functional analysis is ready, we are looking for someone who can realize it.



The right candidate masters the most recent web technologies and has pragmatic mindset.

Keywords are:

  • web services, web server
  • FTP, javascript, CGI/Perl
  • ...

We bieden aan

We offer excellent salary conditions, depending on the your experience, nett of 2000+ euro.

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