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TPC Leadership

Digital Marketing

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At TPC Leadership, we believe the world would be in a better place if it were in the hands of better leaders.

That is why we are in business: we support people, teams and organisations to work better together, and to achieve what they want through better leadership.

The company was founded in 2000 in the UK, and currently has a global presence with offices in 14 countries. We operate as a global partnership where each office contributes to central projects and central investments, and we design and implement strategy together as one. The Belgian office opened in 2013 and has a core team of 11 experts.

We have 4 key services: leadership consulting; leadership development; coaching; and leadership courses.

Revenue is generated when our Partners sell projects to clients, typically large domestic and international organisations from the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Projects are then designed and delivered by Partners and/or other experts from the team. Revenues also originate from participants subscribing to our open courses (we are a certified training institute).

We are known and respected for building great customer relationships and adding outstanding value, which is based on deep expertise, combined with an uncompromising adherence to a set of core values.

We are financially healthy and growing fast.





Basically, we aim to install a culture of sharing more online so our audiences can get to know us better – and do it in a coordinated, structured manner:

Increase regularity & frequency of online content posting (LinkedIn, facebook, Instagram, MailChimp e-news, website updates)
Better integration between all of the above + SEA investments + coordination with marketing messages/campaigns from the international TPC Leadership community
Better quality copywriting, adapted to medium & audience
Better tracking of results – all KPIs in one marketing dashboard

The communication objective is to create and sustain curiosity; the strategic objective behind is to grow the number of incoming leads.


Professional environment for you to discover and develop your talent, and where you will be seeing the impact of your work immediately
On-the-job coaching, feedback, and stretch assignments to support your growth
The opportunity to work in a fast-paced, fast-growing, international, culturally enriching and values-based professional environment, where money is not the aim, but the outcome of what we do
If we are happy with your work, we shall provide you with strong recommendation letters for future reference
Flexibility to self-organise your work, work from home etc…
Salary + coverage of transportation expenses



You are, preferably, a Master student in one of the following fields of study: (corporate) communication, marketing, or (organisational) psychology. You are looking for a part-time student job (1 day per week or equivalent) for at least 1 year (#hours/week and a possible extension are tbc together)
We will be looking specifically for people who put the bar high for themselves, and for others. We are a premium service provider, working with highly professional audiences. The quality of your writing must reflect your professionalism. You are meticulous & diligent; you think pro-actively and act as if this were your own company; last but not least, you are fun to work with.
You are fluent in English (level C1 or above), Dutch and French

You have solid strategic understanding of how communication really works (SEO/SEA, Google Analytics, WordPress CMS, social media…)

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