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Lasagna Tiramisu (LT)

Happy customers maker

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Few things well done.
All home made.
LT stems from this very simple idea.

Our name says it all: we have more than 100 varieties of each, but only make 4 to 6 everyday. With the best ingredients, seasonal and when possible organic.
From the hand made pasta, to the extravergin, cold pressed olive oil,
to the buffalo “mozzarella” DOP that comes fhesh every week.

Always from producers selected for their highest quality and the passion for their products.The same you find on our shelves.

Everything in the most environmentally friendly way:
glass, china, steel, and all disposables that are compostable.

And we can sit you and serve you in a matter of minutes.
That's why we call ourselves a "fast-slow-food" .

LT, Layers of pleasure,


Life quality enhancer.
You make sure that our customers leave happier than when they came in.


Do you love good food, wines and drinks? Can you genuinely smile? Do you like other people? Do you think of those working after you, and that the job is finished not when the working hours are?
Would you consider making a career out of a student job?

We bieden aan

A project with ambition: LT is opening its second restaurant in a matter of days, and wants to reach out to the world. With a bit of luck and the right people (you?), we plan to open our restaurants in the major cities of the planet in the next years
A great working environment, if you meet the standards. We are not just colleagues, but we are not a "commune", there is some hierarchy and respect (lots of, for those that try hard)
And, by the way, good people become partners here (ask Andrea)

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