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IT support for i.Revitalise V2.0 go-to-market

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I.Revitalise is the first B2B sharing platform for high-tech equipment in the manufacturing industry, maintenance and overhaul industry, and R&D world. We offer easy access to technology on the one hand, and an extra revenue stream for owners of the equipment on the other hand. Examples are laser cutters, 3D measurement equipment and thermal imaging cameras. 

I.Revitalise is het eerste B2B deelplatform voor hoogtechnologische apparatuur in de maakindustrie, onderhoudssector en onderzoekswereld. Wij bieden eenvoudige toegang tot technologie enerzijds, en verhoogde omzet voor eigenaars van deze middelen anderzijds. Voorbeelden zijn lasersnijmachines, 3D-meetbanken en thermische camera's.  https://youtu.be/O0P2EQDSLfo



Version 2.0 of i.Revitalise goes online the beginning of June. The previous version 1.0 has been developed with Heroku, PaaS, continuous improvement server CircleCi and React as a Frond-End. For version 2.0 we've chosen for a radically new framework with Symfony, MySQL en for the Front-End with HTML(5), CSS (3) and some jquery and javascript. Given this radical switch we will certainly need some extra manpower not only to support going online with V2.0 but also to be ready to support first users taking into account their feedback. It might be interesting to also be able to (learn to) work with Heroku, in case i.Revitalise would decide to continue with the V1.0 (latest version V1.2) in parallel as well or alternatively to help remove the V1.0 from service. 

De versie 2.0 van i.Revitalise gaat online begin juni. De vorige versie 1.0 was ontwikkeld met Heroku, PaaS, continuous improvement server CircleCi en React voor de Front-End. Voor de versie 2.0 is voor een volledig nieuw concept gekozen, met Symfony, MySQL en voor de Front-End HTML(5), CSS(3) en de nodige jquery & javascript. Gezien de radicale switch zullen we zeker extra manpower kunnen gebruiken om deze versie 2.0 niet alleen in de markt te plaatsen, maar ook snel te schakelen in functie van de feedback van de eerste gebruikers. Het zou eventueel ook interessant kunnen zijn om te (leren) werken met Heroku, ingeval i.Revitalise zou beslissen om in parallel met de V1.0 (laatste versie V1.2) verder te gaan of anders de V1.0 uit gebruik te nemen.


IT profile with an open mind. Understanding the challenge of the go-to-market with the V2.0 is essential, be able to think and act with management to improve the set-up is important and some experience with the softwares we use for the 2.0 framework is needed (Symfony, MySQL, CSS(3), HTML(5)). 

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We offer 12€ / hr, a desk and computer as well as access to the platform at accountancy company Agiver in Deurne, an open-minded working environment , a cup of coffee during working hours or an informal beer together after working hours. The student will get to work hands-on and with potentially a great deal of autonomy on the challenging go-to-market of i.Revitalise 2.0. I.Revitalise is a young, ambitious and talented company growing fast thanks to the combination of an experienced CEO with technical and management experience in military and civil aviation as well as business angels with entrepreneurial experience in industry and IT. 

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