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Marketing Intern for smart waste management product for international B2B market

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What if garbage bins could communicate? Brighterbins to make cities smarter and cleaner...


What does your company do?

At BrighterBins we produce cost-effective smart sensors for municipal waste pickup. Our smart sensors prevent overflowing bins keeping cities clean and collect data enabling route optimization for waste pickup trucks. This means less heavy traffic, less CO2 emissions, and greener cities.

When and why did we launch the business? Personal story of our CEO Noman Ahmed:

I love playing with my children in the park. I was so fed up with overflowing bins and trash on the ground in our local park. Something had to be done. I thought to myself: what if bins had brains? And that’s when Brighterbins started in 2017.


How does it all work?

Please see this video





We are looking for one student that could help us expand our international reseller network.

Your job would include the following:

  • Making marketing material, which includes product specifications
  • Product marketing content and texts for social media
  • Press releases, videos and articles
  • Write marketing texts for our company website
  • Contact resellers/customers, identify and get to know potential resellers
  • If you could do cold calling that will be great
  • Speaking Multiple European languages is an asset 


What we need from you ?

  • A desire to learn how to market new products (Your degree is not the most important thing, what we are looking for is someone with energy and drive)
  • Good written/spoken English and other European Languages
  • Experience in digital marketing / social media would be useful.
  • Intellectual curiosity, a willingness to work together and tenacity are also required
  • Knowledge of online marketing and product marketing

We bieden aan

  • We offer 500 Euro/month paid internship
  • Flexible office hours
  • A new learning experience to add to your CV
  • Working from home is a possibility
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