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Sport Data Journalist

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DoScouting is a recruitment agency that searches for, selects, prepares and provides great data journalists to one of the leading sports information companies in the world. We are working on a global level and we always have open vacancies. DoScouting has been founded in Denmark in 2015. Since then we were expanding to different countries, continents.


Are you a football, basket-ball, ice-hockey fan and love going to the games whenever you can? Would you like to turn it into a part-time job? Would you like to travel (with expenses paid) while doing it?

Payment for every single event (50 € )

You can apply for this position on our website www.doscouting.com or if you want to get more information please write to the following address:

A good opportunity for students as well to get experience and make money.

DoScouting offers you a possibility to become a freelance sports scout who will collect live data (scores, etc.) at sports events. We hope you are: fluent in English, have genuine interest in football and know the rules and also are able to work independently.



We bieden aan

We guarantee:

• Refund of travel and ticket expenses

• Free training in our simulated training environment (PC based)

• Very interesting part-time job, ideal for every football fan

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