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Studentenjob: BeCode promo team

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BeCode is an intensive 7-month coding school program. No matter what the background, current skills or (lack of) degree of candidates! It’s about finding a job. And it’s free of charge!

In Code We Trust... Only a creative & inclusive society will provide an answer to some of the madness that we are experiencing across the world. Anyone with proper drive and motivation could and should get a chance to acquire basic digital and coding skills and build a profession on those skills.

BeCode is active in 6 cities across Belgium (Brussels, Gent, Antwerpen, Genk, Liège and Charleroi) and is continuously recruiting new candidates for the training program.


We are putting together BeCode promo team in each city where we have a campus: Brussels, Gent, Antwerpen, Genk, Liège and Charleroi. We are mostly focusing on people struggling to find a job today but are fully motivated and interested in digital technologies (e.g. lower educated, long-term unemployed, people with migrant backgrounds, people with autism sepctrum disorders, etc.)

Job students will be responsible for the following activities:

  • flyering in different city areas (both in the campus city and nearby cities)
  • BeCode info sessions 
  • Facebook live sessions
  • social media campaigns
  • creative ideas to increase awareness to our target audience are most welcome :-)

We aim to form teams that can work on the BeCode promo activities on a regular basis (e.g. weekly / bi-weekly)!


We are looking for creative minds with a passion for social purpose - with a few hours to spare every week/month during office hours!

Language skills required:

  • for Brussels: Dutch (Nederlands) & French (français)
  • for Gent, Antwerp & Genk: Dutch (Nederlands)
  • for Charleroi & Liège: French (français)

Fluency of English is a bonus :-)

We bieden aan

A fun job in a dynamic team - working on a project with a great societal mission :-)

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